It's a Vegan Party in the USA!

. 2 min read . Written by Gaurav Maken
It's a Vegan Party in the USA!

Today Mylk Guys launched shipping to 50 states and we feel incredibly proud of this! As a founder, I'd like to share with you why today is such a meaningful day.

In 2017, I became curious about veganism and wanted to eat more vegan. I don't believe eating vegan is hard for everyone, but given my lifestyle and the desire to always eat something new and different it was difficult for me. The biggest challenge was finding readily available vegan versions of my favorite foods.

I spoke with grocers and brands about it, and even tried to pursue my local stores to carry more vegan products. The answer was the same - there isn't enough demand to justify carrying a large enough vegan selection. At the same time, I had joined vegan communities online and saw people having the same challenge as me - not enough vegan products at their local stores - so I knew the need was there.

I decided to do something about it - to create an all vegan grocery store. I wouldn't have to read labels, I'd have access to the largest selection of vegan products, and it would even be delivered to my home 😲! In January 2018,  Mylk Guys became a reality and launched as a delivery service in the SF-Bay Area!!

But that didn't feel like enough. Our mission is to make it absurdly easy to eat vegan and an important part of that is access for all.  We knew there was a huge population out there that really wanted access to the vegan selection Mylk Guys could offer, and our work felt incomplete without doing something about it.

In October, we launched shipping to California as a test and the amount of love and support we got was gratifying. Today, we are taking a huge step in fulfilling our mission and are launching shipping nationwide. This is a great deal for us, because we know that many of the people we'll be able to reach don't have alternatives.

The journey up until this point has been humbling and we have only made it this far with the support of others. I  have been joined by some incredible team members who are helping build Mylk Guys to be the best vegan grocery store. We have had the opportunity to work with phenomenal brands creating delicious food that we get to serve to our customers (Dear brands - we hope we can continue to support you in creating more amazing food!!). Most importantly, the customers who have joined us in the journey - I am tremendously grateful to you. And to those if you who are yet to join us on our journey, I can't wait to meet you.

Welcome to the vegan party!


p.s. we have a lot of vegan cheese at this party :)

At Mylk Guys, we want to make it absurdly easy to eat vegan. If you are curious about veganism or trying to eat more vegan and don't know where to start - please reach out. There is a lot of work ahead of us and we need the help of more humans in this mission - so if you are passionate about our mission, please reach out. Just want to say hi? Reach out!